• Liquid CBD to fight Addiction

    The Solution to Cannabis addiction might be, Cannabis?

    There are now reports coming in that, CBD, a Compound found in the marijuana plant, could actually be useful when trying to give up pot.  This compound iss isolated and distrubuted legally all over the US and Canada. Quite remarkable actually.  Wth pot being legalized in more and more staes, the potential for addiction in people young and old is way up.  Also with legalization comes higher potency which increases dependancy as well.

    This report by the ROc.us is very informative on the endocannabinoid system affects addiction

    The study breaks down how:

    “Cb1 cannabinoid antagonists could represent a new generation of compounds to treat drug addiction.”

    CBD increases Anandamide levels, the body’s version of THC.  It also has anti addiction problems that will come into play too.


    How to quit smoking weed

    One problem with over smoking of “harmless” Weed is that it reduces the anandamide levels in your brain.  You can recover from this naturally but withdrawals are to be expected.  Your brain makes anandamide on its own.  But if you’ve been flooding your brain wioth THC, the anandamide production slows down.  There is bright news tho! Cannabidiol, long term for “CBD”, has shown to replenish these lost stores.   There is also tentative evidence that CBD has an anti-psychotic effect, but research in this area is limited.  What wonderful news!! So what is the next step? Consistent oral ingestion of CBD usually in the form of pills or capsules.  It can also be used in vaporizer pens.  CBD rich strains of cannabis have proven to bring much relief to certain health issues. What you need to know is watch our for generic brands. There are many out there.  Since you strictly want Medicinal Grade we highly suggest doing more research at CBD Oil Life.  Very informative website that only has quality brands available.  Since CBD is one of the main compounds in Marijuana, it really helps to have it during the detox process.

    Easily Kick Your Weed Habit!

    Making the decision along with supplementing your nutritional regimen with CBD oil or gels is a sure direction towards your goal of giving up marijuana for good! It’s what you have to do anyway so might as well start today.  All that THC has been saturating your brain for many years.  Maybe the reason you couldn’t stop smoking in the first place was that your body wanted more CBD, not the feeling of being “high”. Interesting point to think about.  Some may joke about it but the reality is that pot addiction is very real.  It can hinder your life if you are not observant of how it creates patterns.  Web MD published this article on Pot Addiction and we feel there is much that can be learned from it.

    You can Cure Marijuana Dependency

    This amazing article by New Scientist points out that  the number of teenagers seeking treatment for addiction has risen 50 per cent in the past decade.  I suppose we need to delve deep into the power of CBD now more than ever.  If it can help THC withdrawing teenagers get off dope we are all for it.  It’s kind of how they use snake and scorpion venom.  One thing we know, is that there is always more to know! Thanks for reading.  We hope you drop in again soon.  MMaybe the problem with marijuana dependancy is poeple are actually craving the effects of the CBD instead of the high it’s self. This would be ground breaking new information. It is certain we will know exponentially more in the coming years Since legalization will bring form many new forms of research.

    Quit smoking weed with the help of CBD

    Girl trying to Quit Marijuana